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About Us

Inkfiend Art Studio is a premiere tattoo studio located in Los Angeles, California’s cultural area of Alhambra.  The artist at Inkfiend have been meticulously chosen for their unique personal style, work ethic and overall commitment and dedication.  We hold a strong stand on professionalism and treat all our clients with respect and love.  We take pride in our craft here at Inkfiend Art Studio.

Inkfiend Art Studio artist are Bloodborne Certified Pathogen Artists and use single-use needles for every tattoo.  It’s our goal to provide the highest quality tattooing, piercing, and body modifications in a safe, clean, friendly environment.

Let our master artists create custom designs for you or bring in your own design or concept. We also carry unlimited designs in our studio but really take precedent in creating unique and one of a kind pieces for each of our clients.

This is enough talk. In our industry there’s one real way to differentiate the talkers from the real deal and that’s through the artist portfolios.  Check out our Artist profiles and their work to see for yourself.